Halcyon Custom Nametags
These are custom designed nametags made for wearing on the Halcyon Starcruiser
and/or Black Spire Outpost (East or West) - They have been tested in the parks
and passed the Cast Member test - don't look like theirs and can be worn!

Tag details:

I will be taking orders BI-WEEKLY and will place a group order.
After the order is placed, it will take approx. 2 weeks to get them all back to me,
then I will ship to you!

Pricing - 1 Tag, $13 (USD), 2+ tags $11 each.
FREE SHIPPING (USA) - Sorry, no International orders.

Ordering details: You MUST follow this exactly!
  1. Choose the number of tags you want, from the dropdown below
  2. Fill out the text box with the names you want (Mike, Susie), etc.
  3. Click BUY NOW and complete payment.

I will collect names and email you back confirmation that I received your order

Halcyon Nametag
Names on tags